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Amandas blog of art and random stuff.


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Sneak peak.

Oh lorde! I am obsessed with your art style! Do you do any requests or free commissions at all?!

Asked by toddlamming

Thank you! I’m not available for commissions at the moment, but I’ll try to open up pretty soon. Prices can be found on dA:


more bear owls

based on my favorite owls <3

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Because I felt like doing a pirate.

First Aid Kit fan art! One of my favourite bands. I am in love with their voices.


Luisa Maria Amelia Teresa of Naples and Sicily, Princess of Naples and Sicily (1773-1802), Grand Duchess Consort of Tuscany, wife of Archduke Ferdinand III of Tuscany, Detail.

by Joseph Dorffmeister (1764–1814)

Dated: 1797

Holy crap, that detail.

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I wanted to have a go at a female vashoth/qunari inquisitor.

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Collaboration with klartwork :)

Kvällskvistskiss #2 Just realized how bad I am at drawing back… Need to work on that, hmm…


made a little gengrel in emofuri

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