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First Aid Kit fan art! One of my favourite bands. I am in love with their voices.


Luisa Maria Amelia Teresa of Naples and Sicily, Princess of Naples and Sicily (1773-1802), Grand Duchess Consort of Tuscany, wife of Archduke Ferdinand III of Tuscany, Detail.

by Joseph Dorffmeister (1764–1814)

Dated: 1797

Holy crap, that detail.

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I wanted to have a go at a female vashoth/qunari inquisitor.

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Collaboration with klartwork :)

Kvällskvistskiss #2 Just realized how bad I am at drawing back… Need to work on that, hmm…


made a little gengrel in emofuri

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Tattoo done by Elvin Yong. (in progress)


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Random sketch. Kvällskvistskiss #1


Commission for Gilian.

Although it’s not the best composition I’ve ever done (I have some things I’ll try for a wider piece next time… thanks for pointing things out, FireFeathers!), I had a lot of fun painting this. I think it’ll do just fine as a wallpaper, haha~ :D

6-7 hours… lost track of time because we started watching Betty Boop cartoons. :(

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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for fatetea, this dragon looks like someone id wanna hang out with


Another commission down.

This time an osprey! 

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New one for SooJin Buzelli at Planadviser magazine, based on the concept of “The importance of the right training/knowledge is power.” A pretty tricky phrase to illustrate, particularly since I needed to encapsulate both of those slightly different ideas. I like all the other sketches, but this is the only one that clicks with the concept. A nice thing with SooJin’s assignments is that I often get neat sketches that I can reuse later on for personal stuff.

Bottom is the color study, which, in some ways I prefer, but it made me too sleepy. Flashbacks of falling asleep in overly warm classrooms.

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